Our Fields of Expertise


Cadastral Surveys
Any work that creates or affects title to land such as subdivisions, easements, rights of ways, strata plans, and natural boundary suveys

Construction Surveys
We have been involved in layout and asbuilts of roadworks, laying out buildings on commercial or industrial sites, as well as more specialized high precision surveys of complex structures such as the Richmond Oval. We have been called upon to layout hundreds of piles on major construction sites, and to set up gridlines on complex buildings.

Topographic Surveys
We have been involved in numerous types of topographic surveys such as site plans for architectural purposes, full site topography for land development and topogrphic plans of corridors for highways or municipal road design. Monitoring & Quantity surveys for horizontal or vertical movement of slopes, buildings, bridges, ice rinks, and cold storage buildings.

Environmental Surveys
Identification and surveying of environmentally sensitive creek banks, tree surveys according to various municipal requirements, locating bore holes, monitoring wells, and monitoring slopes for slippage.

Site Plans
Detailed site information to be identified and presented in a useful format for architects and other related professionals.

Our field crews and offices are fully automated, using state of the art equipment and computer systems to provide the highest degree of service to our clients.

Terra Pacific's staff are expert users of survey and engineering software applications designed to accomodate specific requirements of our clients. We can prepare a variety of plans and calculations including volumes, slop analysis, contouring, and profiling. We profide digital plans of our surveys which often makes the information much easier to transfer to other professions such as engineers and architects. We are proud of our technical expertise and continue to stay at the forefront of industry development.