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Here’s what we offer…

Terra Pacific Land Surveying (now Bennett Land Surveying) with its team of highly skilled and experienced surveying experts and state of the art technology, provides you with precise and comprehensive surveying services to ensure that your project is completed accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.

Professional Land Development

Bennett Land Surveying provides residential, commercial and industrial land development services. Our expert land surveyors will review and assess the project site so you can avoid costly errors and ensure quality construction. From land zoning to subdivision application whether you have a single or multi-lot subdivision Terra Pacific can help make your project a success.

GPS Surveys

GPS surveys pinpoint the latitude and longitude of a location via satellite signal without needing to measure angles and distances between points. At Terra Pacific, we provide GPS Baseline, Real Time Kinematic (RTK) observations and Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) GPS surveys.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys in BC are conducted to gather various data from a section of land, including elevation contours, land attributes such as vegetation and streams, man-made features and utilities. A 2D representation of these features is drawn out in order to understand the existing conditions before construction begins. Bennett uses (include technology and software here) to ensure accurate measurements.

Construction Surveys

Construction surveys are done to determine the exact spot on the land, both vertically and horizontally, where specific design elements need to be constructed and placed. During the preliminary survey, research and mapping of the project area are conducted to collect data and establish a survey control plan. During the post-construction phase, the survey is used to assess the final position and adequacy of the work and to establish “as built” conditions.

Settlement Monitoring

Settlement monitoring is important for projects where ground settlement is difficult to predict. It is done not only on land before construction begins but also on buildings, bridges or other fixed works that are located beside a construction project. During this process, initial precise measurements are taken from various fixed locations placed on a structure. Measurements are again taken at a later date and compared with the initial measurements in order to determine if there is any ground settlement.

Environmental Surveys

Environmental surveys are used to determine the potential impact of the environment on real estate and construction developments and also the impact that development has on the environment. From contaminated land assessments, environmental screenings and asbestos surveys to fire and flood risk assessments, Terra Pacific has a highly experienced team of surveyors and the latest technology and software in the industry to get the job done accurately and cost-effectively.

Strata Developments

Bennett Land Surveying conducts surveys and creates plans for strata developments in BC. We are familiar with both statutory and non-statutory municipal planning requirements and have the capacity and experience to take on large-scale complex developments. We are also aware of the Land Title Office’s current policies governing strata subdivisions.

Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic surveying or bathymetric surveying is the survey of physical features present underwater. It is mainly carried out by means of sensors, sounding or electronic sensor system for shallow water.

The information obtained from hydrographic surveying may include:

  • Available depths
  • River and lake bed modelling for design and construction purposes

We can provide small area hydrographic survey services on Rivers and Lakes especially in areas hard to reach by conventional powered watercraft.

Terra Pacific Projects

From planning and design of land subdivisions to ground settlement monitoring, we can help get your project off to a successful start.

Terra Pacific Projects

From planning and design of land subdivisions to ground settlement monitoring, we can help get your project off to a successful start.